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Our Business Concept

The Cairns concept enables inter-disciplinary project teams to be selectively assembled according to the specific needs of client projects and managed to produce innovative work of the highest quality.


Specifically the concept embodies a filtration process using pragmatic principles grounded in ethics and intellectual rigour to produce optimal project solutions. All team members demonstrably adhere to these principles.

Structure for the Delivery of Inter-disciplinary Project Solutions

The ethos of the organisation is expressed through the “Intersphere Concept” which draws from each of five fundamental pools of knowledge and expertise in proportion to the nature and needs of the client’s problem and the goals to be achieved for the solution. The following spheres illustrate our "first principles" approach in project analysis and problem solving. The Intersphere Concept's strengths are based on an interdisciplinary approach to strategic problem solving, providing both practical and cost-effective solutions which seek to maintain the balance between the often conflicting demands of developmental needs and environmental stewardship, a fundamental sustainability challenge.

The Intersphere Concept

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