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WJ Cairns & Associates


Member of Intersphere Consulting Organization

“Our team members have diverse interdisciplinary education, training and experience, a strong overlap of skills and work together to meet the breadth of complex problems to be resolved.”

William J. Cairns MCP (MIT) MH DLD (Dunelm) FLI FRSA educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Durham University and the RBG, Edinburgh, WJC pioneered the introduction of Environmental Impact methodologies in the Assessment of Offshore Oil and Gas projects in the North Sea in the early 70’s and in major development projects including reservoirs, motorways, nuclear power stations and new towns.  He is an International expert in strategic development planning and environmental management systems with over 40 years experience in industry, academe and government. He has directed over 800 planning, environment and development projects including the preparation of the Strategic Infrastructure Plan for Kazakhstan’s Offshore Caspian oil and gas developments. His work has been recognised by governments and international agencies and has received a number of major design and environmental awards.

Ann Wilkie is a Director of WJ Cairns & Associates and former Vice-President, Environment and Planning, CBCL. She is an Environmental Lawyer, Environmental Scientist and Land-Use Planner with over 30 years of related experience in the public, private and academic sectors in Canada and overseas, including the UK, Ireland, Poland, Indonesia, China, the Philippines and Colombia. Her expertise lies in the analysis and evaluation of environmental and land-use legislation. She is engaged on a wide range of regional land-use and socio-economic planning, institutional strengthening, environmental assessment and public consultation projects.  Ann has gained international recognition for her work over 100 major mineral and oil gas projects. She has particular experience in working with and gaining the trust of indigenous people as well as in securing their full team participation in projects.

William J Cairns, Chairman and Chief Executive

Introducing Our Core Team

Ann Wilkie, Director, Environment and Planning

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Rosemary Otieno, MSc. Strategic Project Management (Heriot-Watt University-UK, Politecnico di Milano-Italy & Umea University-Sweden), B.Com (University of Nairobi, Kenya) has six years experience managing multiple international development projects in Africa. She possesses extensive knowledge of project scope development, budget management, resource levelling and stakeholders’ relations. She has previously worked with the Embassy of Turkey, Nairobi and Pan African Secretariat Kenya. Her previous project work experience include Lake Victoria Environment Outlook (UNEP), Equatorial Atmospheric Deposition Network (UNEP-GEF) and Global International Water Assessment (GIWA).

Rosemary Otieno, Production & Coordination Manager

Cairns operates as a specialist problem solver with a core team drawing from pools of experts. The resources of the organisation are thus underpinned by established networks of proven specialists, analysts and academics. This approach reflects our interdisciplinary methods and philosophy. While the expertise derived from our wide experience can be of benefit to all projects, the individual nature of client assignments demand more than stock answers, a fully responsive approach, and the basis for truly creative and effective solutions


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Anastasia Charalampidou holds a master’s degree (MSc) in Environment Sustainability, from Edinburgh University (School of Geosciences) and BA in International & European Affairs (Panteion University of Athens for Political & Social Sciences). She works in Cairns since February 2012 as a research analyst for international projects. Previously, she worked as an analyst and policy manager intern in FROZE Trading & Consultant ltd, Thessaloniki 2009. She got involved in many projects and her work experience includes market research analysis, stakeholder relation management, environmental policy and governance consultation. She is familiar with international environmental law and policy and environmental resource management.

Anastasia C. Charalampidou, Research Analyst

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