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Member of Intersphere Consulting Organization

Nickelferrous Deposit Extraction, Carrascal, Philippines

Cairns, appointed by international investment clients, assessed the overall economic feasibility and carried out environmental due diligence on former proposals. The project is for a phased programme of extraction of a low grade nickel-ferrous ore body on Mindanao, Philippines. Cairns prepared a scoping study for a comprehensive development plan leading to detailed project design. A framework was established for the preparation of an environmental programme in conformity with Equator Principles.


Key issues included the existence of contiguous non environmentally compliant mining operations; impact of transportation from mining area to export jetties; long term impact on community viability following the cessation of mining operations; import of temporary labour force and their accommodation in relation to the local community; impact on agriculture and forested areas; impact on fisheries and marine ecology through silt charged runoff; and the challenge of monsoon seasonality.

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Adlay, Carrascal

Client: Reveston Resources (TZ)

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