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WJ Cairns & Associates


Member of Intersphere Consulting Organization

Cairns ICL were commissioned by international investors to carry out a preliminary analysis and scoping study. The scope incorporates the assessment of the feasibility of mineral extraction from Lake Natron without causing detrimental effects on the aquatic and terrestrial ecology of the RAMSAR designated lake. This encompasses the habitat areas of influence including those of the world renowned Lesser Flamingo population while supporting the regional economic development initiatives as set out by the Government of Tanzania.


The study involves a detailed environmental assessment, detailed examination of the proposed mineral extraction available options and innovative technology along with determination of facilities scenarios and infrastructure transportation logistics options and requirements.  


Consultation will be carried out at all levels throughout the development stages at national, regional and local government and community levels. At the same time statutory consultations will be ongoing with NDC, NGOs, and MLDA’s. A programme of local economic development will be carried out with the co-operation of government and participation of the local communities and workforce.

Lake Natron, Tanzania, Mineral Extraction (Soda Ash)

Lake natron Aerial
Lake Natron
flamingos 2
natron map

Client: Reveston Resources (TZ)

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