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Leith Links is the oldest public park in Scotland with records dating back to the fifteenth century where the game of golf in Scotland had its beginnings and fomented the world's first rules of golf in 1744. Leith Links' coastal location was defined by sea shore and sand dunes. In the nineteenth century the development of Leith Docks involved major land reclamation and industrial development, thereby divorcing the former coastal environment enjoyed by the Links. The Links themselves underwent a substantial public park development scheme establishing its current layout, facilities and landscape aesthetic.


As one of five Premier City Parks, a major re-appraisal of Leith Links was undertaken by the City of Edinburgh who commissioned Carins ICl to prepare a Masterplan for its regeneration and also to consider options of re-establishing the link between the Park and the sea.


The Cairns Masterplan made recommendations for 15 projects designed within an overall programme of comprehensive regeneration and enhancement of Leith Links. The Plan caters for each of the existing sport and recreational interest groups and for all ages within the Community and will again become a major Citywide asset.

CEC Leith Links Regeneration Master Plan, Edinburgh, Scotland

Leith Links existing Facilities
Edinburgh, Scotland, CEC Leith Links Regeneration

Client: City of Edinburgh Council

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