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Occidental Peruiana, Petroperu and Bridas, SA formed a consortium to develop significant under exploited offshore oil and gas resources within the Tallara Pacific Basin (The Los Organos Secondary Oil and Gas Recovery Program).


As operator, Occidental was faced with two fundamental options to supply the construction and operational expertise needed for the project. Do they operate a back-to-back, twice the head count workforce policy? Alternatively, do they build a permanent high quality residential community for higher technical and managerial personnel with full family support facilities including a school to eighth grade, medical centre, full recreation and institutional facilities?


In consideration of the two options, the latter required a full scale study of the siting and facilities required to support an ex-patriot/Perivuan.  


Cairns was commissioned to carry out a full Masterplanning and Architectural Design Feasibility Study for the development of a permanent residential community of 500.

Housing Clean grey
Palms and Housing Grey Background Version 2
Los Organos, Peru400
Mixed Scenes
Los Organos Development Plan

Los Organos Community Planning Study, Peru

Client: Occidental Peruiana, Petroperu and Bridas, SA

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