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WJ Cairns & Associates


Member of Intersphere Consulting Organization


Bakovskiy Regional Park Project Planning & Design, Odintsovo, Moscow Region, Russia

Client: Millhouse Working Group

Cairns ICL was commissioned to carry out a Masterplan, developing approximately 400 ha of land in Odintsovo to provide access to open space for recreational and sporting purposes for those who live and work in the surrounding areas. The aim was the creation of a resource area: spatial, social, cultural, economic and environmental that is of relevance to Moscow city at large.  


The proposal by Cairns ICL showed the best primary access points to best serve future recreational use of the lands in question from the surrounding neighborhoods and key transportation routes serving newly defined parking areas, pedestrian corridors and stopping points for public transit.


Cairns ICL provided the conceptual designs for the primary circulation system within and through the park, such as primary and secondary axis corridors, in a manner that gives recognition to and respects the inherent ecological characteristics of the site and provides the framework for the subsequent development of defined active and passive recreational activities. Areas were identified regarding to the hierarchy of use, ranking from forested land used for passive enjoyment to open areas used for recreational and sports activity.


A world-class Forest Park was designed offering a place of beauty and a source of joy, fun and spirit.

Copyright Cairns ICL 2013

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