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Workington Oldside Land Reclamation and Environmental Renewal

Client: Workington Borough Council

The decline of the coal and iron industry in Britain led to the availability of derelict sites for re-development.  Cairns were appointed by Workington Borough Council to undertake a case study for the reclamation and development of one such site at Workington occupying 310ha along a narrow 1.5 mile long strip of the Cumbrian Coast.  


Due to its former use within an industrial area of coastal climatic conditions, the reclamation of the site to beneficial land use presented a complexity of problems requiring a variety of skills to solve them. The project aimed to achieve the fullest possible and efficient use of the dormant/vacant land which has considerable constraints as a result of its industrial past.  


The case study presents the principles and concepts underlying the realisation of the future land use proposals for the site: an industrial complex which would offer employment for up to 2,000 people and a coastal recreation area to serve the inhabitants of the Borough and to bring Workington into the wider catchment of Lake District Tourism.


Report Cover
View of the Site looking north from the Pier
Recreation Areas
Model of Landforms
Figure 4 Adjoining land use

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Figure 15 Reclamation and Development Proposals
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